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Setting up Profiles
Last Updated 2 years ago

If you have a personal google or gmail account, it's possible that it may interfere with your SelfDesign login and access to our systems and any documents that may be shared with you.

Rather than having to constantly flush your browser's cache in order to clear up this confusion, we recommend either using separate browsers for your personal and SelfDesign work, or using Profiles within your web browser.

Setting up profiles will allow you to use the same browser for all of your work, but each profile will behave in its own little world. It can be a little difficult to understand what this means... so picture a house with multiple rooms. Chrome is the house. Each Profile in Chrome is an individual "room" for each person or account you've configured. Since there is no limit to the number of "rooms" you can set up, everyone gets their own room, and your logins stop interfering with each other. Basically, this means no more browser confusion!

You can find some support articles for setting up profiles in Firefox and Chrome at these two locations:

Different profiles will also allow you to have completely different settings for each profile. This is a really awesome feature for families too!

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