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1. My video is too big to upload to the Learning Platform, how can I make it smaller?
Last Updated 2 years ago

Since the Learning Platform is limited to a file size on videos of 500MB or less, people often run into the situation where their video is too big to upload. There are numerous utilities and guides that will help you to resize your videos so that you can upload them.

Here are a few suggestions:
  • Handbrake - Handbrake is a free program that will allow you to make your videos smaller. It works on both PC and Mac. They also have a QuickStart Guide and a large community of users who can provide help.
  • iMovie - iMovie comes pre-installed on Macs and is a Mac only product. You can find a number of tutorials on Google and YouTube. Just look up "How do I compress videos with iMovie"
  • YouTube & SaveFree - If you don't want to install software, you can use YouTube combined with SaveFree to compress your video. You'll need to upload your video to YouTube, then download the compressed version using SaveFree. Utilize the free service for this, not the paid version, as you do not need HD video.
  • Google Drive & Online Convert - Just like SaveFree, this one will allow you to convert your video off of Google Drive instead of YouTube. You also get a few more options you can set if you're familiar with video formats.
Once your video has been compressed to less than 500MB you can upload it to the Learning Platform.
Please note that SelfDesign offers no warranty, guarantees, or support when installing or using third-party utilities. As with all things on the internet, exercise caution and care when downloading or installing things you are not familiar with.

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