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3. Why aren't mobile devices supported?
Last Updated 2 years ago

There are two primary factors that feed into why we are unable to support mobile devices on our systems:

  • Mobile devices are designed to be used as one-device-per-person.
  • Every parent and learner enroled in our program has their own username and password. This is to ensure privacy and security, for everyone, as well as making sure we do not have cases of "mistaken identity" within the organization when we are communicating with each other.
When you put these two factors together, it means we aren't able to support mobile devices because mobile devices lack a necessary feature by design.

For us to be able to support mobile devices, we would have to set the expectation that each individual family member is using their own separate device. This is a completely unreasonable in most family situations, and depending on the devices being used, and the size of the family, would cost a family anywhere from several hundred to a few thousand dollars!

Until mobile device manufacturers recognize that not all families are able to afford mobile devices for everyone in their families and start making devices to allow for shared hardware, this will continue to be an issue on mobile devices.

Chrome and Firefox are designed to allow multiple profiles on the same Mac or PC. This allows for easy switching between users, which is why we can provide technical support for them. Please see the following article for more information on profiles:

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