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How do I flush my browser's cache?
Last Updated 2 years ago

Sometimes your browser can get a little confused. Flushing your browser's cache can clear up a number of issues with web based resources.

When flushing your cache, there are two very important things to make sure are selected:
  • Clear all cookies
  • Flush "To the beginning of time" or "Everything". Your browser may default to only an hour or two, this is not enough to fully clear out stale cookies.
The easiest way to access the cache clearing menus in both Chrome and Firefox is to hit Ctrl+Shift+Delete at the same time while in your web browser.

If this keyboard combination does not open the menu properly for you, the links below will take you to the tutorials provided by Chrome and Firefox for their web browsers.
Other web browsers can be cleared in similar ways, however, they may not work appropriately with our systems. If you are not using Chrome or Firefox, please consider those browsers for your SelfDesign work.

Want to know more about what a browser's cache is? Guiding Tech has an excellent article that explains what the cache is, and what it does.

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